Campus Loan Application

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  • Before proceeding please review our Campus Loan Process Guidelines.
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    Campus Loan Info and Guidelines
    • Completed Campus Loan Application (attached).
    • Evidence of Local Church approval, and if applicable District/Conference approval, such as a Resolution or Meeting Minutes.
    • Last 2 years Financial Statements, including Balance Sheet and Income Statement
    • Current year Financial Budget
    General Loan Terms:
    • Loan Service Fee is ½ of 1% of loan amount ($300.00 minimum)
    • The payments are negotiable, and are either amortized monthly, or interest only monthly with a lump sum payment at maturity.
    • Interest Rate: will vary depending on current WIF prevailing rates.
    • Term: Up to 60 months.
    • Loan shall be cash secured with funds held in a WIF Savings account.
    Projects WIF will consider for financing:
    • Capital Improvements
    • Church or parsonage remodeling
    • Heating and air-conditioning units
    • Parking lots
    • Church furnishings
    • Office equipment
    • Maintenance equipment
    • Vehicle

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    I have completed the above Application for the purpose of obtaining a Loan from Wesleyan Investment Foundation (WIF). WIF may rely on the accuracy of the above information contained herein when deciding whether or not to approve this Loan. I declare the information contained in this application to be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and understanding. I have withheld no information relative to the property offered as security which would adversely affect its value.