Why invest with us?

We are dedicated to building the Kingdom. What if your investments were dedicated to that as well?
Each dollar invested in WIF is used to provide loan assistance to churches and church-related organizations and for other investment purposes, all as described in our Offering Circular. Our loans help churches expand their facilities and be better equipped to reach their communities for Christ.
When you invest with WIF, you invest in the lives of people. We are committed to serving and impacting people's lives for the Kingdom.

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Shared Vision

WIF was started in 1946 in order to help churches finance building projects and provide affordable loans that they could not secure elsewhere from a lender who understands the unique dynamics of church financing.

Shared Values

WIF exists to help the Church and its institutions fulfill their God-given purpose. Socially conscious investors never have to worry about their money being used to support causes in which they do not believe. That’s because honoring Christ is a priority at WIF.

Shared Victories

We create win-wins for investors and ministries around the world. Our investment accounts earn competitive rates and your money is always easily accessible. Plus, they enable you to celebrate the success of causes you care about.