Why invest with us?

We are dedicated to building the Kingdom. What if your savings was dedicated to that as well?
Each dollar invested in WIF is used to provide loan assistance to churches and church-related organizations so they can expand their facilities and be better equipped to reach their communities for Christ.
When you invest with WIF, you invest in the lives of people. We are committed to serving and impacting people's lives for the Kingdom.

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Why open an IRA with us?

The money you save for the future can help churches fulfill their Kingdom mission right now. That same money enables you to continue being generous even in retirement by having extra funds to invest in others around you. This creates a circle of sustainable giving; your savings can help people now and later.

What is an IRA?

An IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a personal savings plan that provides income tax advantages to individuals saving money for their retirement needs.

For further information, see the following Government Resources:

  • Click here to view the Table of Contents of the IRS' resources on IRAs.
  • Click here to view information that directly relates to Traditional IRAs.
  • Click here to view information that directly relates to Roth IRAs.