What do I need to know about this IRA account?

  • At WIF we do not directly offer IRA accounts.
  • However, WIF partners with Gold Star Trust Company and Gold Star Trust Company does offer IRA accounts.

  • Gold Star Trust Company offers a self-directed option for you to place your IRA funds in an Investment account with WIF.
  • So your IRA account would be with Gold Star Trust Company and then you can self- direct your funds to be invested with WIF.

Common Questions

You will need 2 things in order to make an IRA contribution. The first is a check made payable to GoldStar Trust Co. Please be sure to include on the memo line of your check the year for which you would like the contribution to be posted (ie. Previous tax year or current tax year.) The second is the IRA Investment Direction form. The completed form and your check can be sent to WIF or mailed directly to GoldStar Trust Co. at PO Box 719; Canyon, TX 79015.

To change your mailing address, please contact Goldstar Trust Co. at (800) 486-6888.

It typically takes anywhere from one week to 10 days to receive your funds.

To make a withdrawal from your IRA go to the IRA Forms link, print and complete the IRA Withdrawal Form and send it to GoldStar Trust Company.

Interest accrues daily and is compounded to your account semi-annually. It processes with day-end processing on June 30 and December 31 each year. Interest will be compounded back into your account unless you request that it be paid out to you.

Our current interest rates can be viewed here.

Interest rates are re-assessed semi-annually on June 30 and December 31 each year.