Online Access Info

WIF Online Access Step-by-Step Instructions

1.     Go to WIF’s website at and click the “Sign In” button.

2.     Type in your assigned 12-digit username starting with 6268 and click “Continue.”

3.     Enter your temporary 4-digit password and click “Sign In.”

4.     You will be prompted to update your password. Click “Save.”

5.     Protect your account with two-step verification. Click “Get Started.”

6.     Enter your email and phone number, then click “Next.”

7.     Choose how you would like to receive your codes, then click “Send Code.” (US residents should not select the Authenticator App.)

8.     Once your verification code has been received, enter it to confirm your account. Click “Verify.”

9.     You’re all set! Click “Done.”

10.  Read and agree to the User Agreement. Check the accept box and click “Continue.”

How to Request a Funds Transfer

1.     Go to WIF’s website at

2.     Click on the green “Sign In” button found at the top right-hand corner.

3.     Click on the green “Message” button.

4.     You may request a transfer via this secure message center. Please include the amount and direction of your request.

5.     You may also request a transfer by calling our office at 317-774-7300 and speaking with an account manager.

6.     The “Transfer” button ONLY allows for transfers between your WIF accounts. To request a transfer TO or FROM your linked bank account, please use the “Message” feature.

How to Change Your Username for Online Access

1.     Go to WIF’s website at and click “Sign In.”

2.     Locate your initials in a small circle at the top right corner of the screen. Click on the circle.

3.     Click “Settings” and go to the “Security” tab.

4.     Click “Edit” next to your username. Enter your password before updating your username.

5.     Enter a new username and click “Save”. Your username has been updated for future use.