Loan Process Information

Required Data

  1. Completed Loan Application.
  2. Financial Statements (showing income/expenses) for last three (3) years.
  3. Current Year Financial Statements and Church Budget (showing income/expenses).
  4. Evidence of Local Church Approval of the Loan (meeting Minutes or Resolution).
  5. Evidence of District Board or Conference approval, and certification of their willingness to co-sign or guarantee the Loan if necessary.
  6. Name and address of attorney or title insurance company whom we may employ on your behalf to prepare the Note, Mortgage and Title work (see Loan Application page 3).
  7. Detailed explanation for purpose and justification of the Loan with a picture of land and/or buildings, and how the Loan is to be repaid.
  8. Survey and/or appraisal if one already exists or upon request.

General Guidelines

  • Loan Terms up to twenty (20) years, with longer payment amortization if needed.
  • Maximum Loan amount should not exceed three (3) times annual tithes and offerings, and should not exceed 75% of the project cost or appraisal in most cases.
  • Project or Construction Draws should not exceed more than one (1) per month.

Pricing and Fees

  • Loan Interest Rates are typically fixed for three (3) years and adjusted every three (3) years thereafter to WIF prevailing Interest Rate at that time.
  • Interest Rates are subject to change up until Loan Closing, unless noted otherwise.
  • Loan Servicing Fee of ½ of 1%, with $250 minimum.