Use this to get an idea if your loan request falls neatly into our guidelines. If it does then the approval process should be simple. If it doesn't don't fret. Sometimes there are additional factors that can help get you over the hump. Either way we'll talk with you and help you to the best of our ability!

Loan App FAQs

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EIN Number? Where do I get that?
The Quick Loan is designed to have a turnaround time of approximately 10 days.

  1. Loan Amount: Up to $35,000.00
  2. Interest Rate: Will vary depending on current WIF mortgage rate
  3. Term: 1 to 3 years
  4. Loan Service Fee: 1% of Loan Amount ($250.00 minimum)
  5. Payments can be:
    • Amortized monthly
    • Interest only with a lump sum at maturity
  6. Reports needed:
    • Evidence of approval by church board (i.e. meeting minutes or resolution)
    • Last year’s income and expense report
    • Current year’s budget
What other financing possibilities are out there?
  • Capital Improvements
  • Church or Parsonage Remodeling
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Units
  • Parking Lots
  • Church Furnishings
  • Office Equipment
  • Maintenance Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Appliances
  • Other