July 8, 2016
Jesus Means Everything
August 9, 2016
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I’ve been thinking recently about the shoulders we all stand upon. No one is an island. We did not get where we are on our own. We do not accomplish what we can accomplish for the Lord because of our efforts alone. In other words, we would be nothing without shoulders.

In the Bible, shoulders represent the dual application of carrying a burden as well as being a place of grace. In Exodus 28, the tribes/sons of Israel were to be engraved in stones and attached to the shoulder pieces of the Ephod on Aaron’s garments. These were a reminder of the many years of provision and sacrifice given by all of God’s children.  In Luke 15, the shoulders of the faithful shepherd carry the lost lamb back home where it belongs.

I am grateful for all who have gone before me in every setting I have been privileged to serve the Lord within. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for paving the way for ministry to be even more successful for the Kingdom of Jesus. Thank you for praying. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for believing.

My prayer is that I will offer a shoulder of grace to others who follow me. May all I endeavor to accomplish for Jesus serve as a foundation that will point all who come behind the way home. I am praying. I am believing. I am here if you need a shoulder in which to confide.

I have had the privilege of presenting the Gospel of Jesus in every district of the North American Wesleyan Church over the span of the past twenty-five years. As I continue to serve churches in my current role, one thing is always on my mind when I encounter a church, ministry, or Gospel station. That is, someone prayed. Someone had a vision. Someone believed God. Someone started this. Someone invested a lot.

Shoulders offered to others will be places of carrying burdens and offering grace, always. So, shoulder well.