Listen if You Lead
September 20, 2016
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It’s Not Over Yet

A lot of folks are saying that a lot of things are “over.” While it could be a playoff series in professional baseball that will end every fall, I’ve heard a bunch of pundits and regular folks like me wonder if others things are “over” these days. Political parties. Christian culture. National morality. The American dream. Religious Liberty. Evangelism. The authority of Scripture. The transforming power of God. These topics and more are what I’ve heard comments about in the past few days. With all of them, each discussion included the wonderment of something being over. Finished.

It’s true that cultural beliefs and behaviors have radically changed in the last decade. It is also true that biblical authority is being questioned by many, even some who fill the pulpits of local churches in a variety of traditions. There are more I could list to denote the rapid movement away from being a Judeo-Christian worldview to a secular, postmodern, even anti-Christian point of view.

Still, it’s not over yet! Transformation is not dead because Jesus is not dead. Evangelism is not dead because the Gospel is not dead. Hope is not dead because the Lord of the universe is still sovereign over his world. Do we need to change the methods for how we reach our fallen world? Yes. Do we need to compromise the truth of scripture that teaches us to love all and preach the need for repentance? No.

In fact, we need to learn. We need to grow. We need to study the times and figure out what to do with God leading us the entire way just like the men of Issachar (1 Chronicles 12:32).

I refuse to give up. Yes, the clock of the world is ticking briskly. But, there is still time to reach one more person and community for Jesus Christ!